Experienced, Established, Professional Construction Project & Cost Management


Effective Solutions Through Optimum Management


For PMSA to be recognised and respected as competent Professional Construction Project, Development, Cost and Facilities Managers in Southern Africa.


PMSA’s management philosophy seeks to define:

A clear development brief

Key issues and role-players

Unambiguous organisational structures

Clear lines of communication

Discrete functional areas of responsibility

Specific consultant and specialist briefs

Discrete undertakings to avoid duplication of work and fees

Remuneration for consultants and specialists

This philosophy embodies the following principles:

Recognising the social responsibility imperative in structuring development teams through joint ventures and association initiatives

Seeking to identify skills in the individual rather than the firm as it is individual effort that contributes to the team output

Providing a high level of co-ordination within a framework of mutual respect and co-operation based on defined consultant briefs

Adopting a pro-active solutions-focused approach in controlling and managing all aspects of the project

Focusing on project goals and objectives to ensure that parties remain in line with pre-determined and agreed principles and constraints

Applying co-operative and synergistic enforcement of discipline and performance through strong leadership and direction

Promoting, creating and implementing targeted procurement, capacity building and empowerment programmes

Communicating management and co-ordination principles in a Project, Development, Cost and Facilities Management Reports distributed to all contributing parties



Established in June 2002 as a specialist Professional Construction Project Management company…

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PMSA’s Scope of Services includes: Feasibility and Appraisal Studies, Strategic Planning…

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We have received numerous awards for completed projects including ICC Durban…

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